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I cannot recommend these soaps enough. They are perfection. They smell great, lather so well, last for a good while, are great value and are very naturally made. They tick all the boxes so buy them!


The soap is amazing! I have tried lots of different ones from different companies and by far this is the best I have found. It smells fantastic and leaves skin clean and soft. Will definitely be getting more.


This is an amazing bar of soap. It not only lathers well and smells nice, but keeps it’s shape and does not disintegrate in the soap dish, as others I have known to do so. Carry on the good work. Thank you.


I love this soap, it leaves the whole body feeling fresh and clean, doesn’t dry out your skin, instead it nourishes it.


I love the Lavender Liquid Handsoap, the smell is amazing and it lasts longer than other soaps of the same volume.


This Charcoal bar has completely cleared up my skin, I cannot recommend more. Will buy again when I run out, but it lasts so long I can’t see that happening for a while!


You can smell this soap even just opening the packaging. It is so beautiful, and too overpowering. Feels lovely, especially with very dry hands. Think this is becoming my favourite.


This Sweet Orange bar is possibly my favourite of all the fragrances. It is clean & fresh & very kind to the skin, keeping it well moisturised after your shower. Lovely product.


I’ve been using the Little Beast Pet Shampoo bar for years now, I wouldn’t use anything else on my dog. Makes bath time a lot easier.


The Olive Oil soap is the perfect soap for my very sensitive skin, particularly at the moment when I am constantly washing my hands. Thank you.


Can’t believe how soft and shiny this shampoo bar leaves my very dry and damaged hair! No yucky transition period either. I have tried many other shampoo bars but this is by far the best. Can’t recommend highly enough.


This shaving bar is a proper man tool and a bit of luxury. Smells very fresh. Generates a satisfying lather and a close shave. Leaves my skin smooth and regenerated. Great start to the day!


Love this Exfoliating bar, the smell and the little flecks of exfoliation, really great bar of soap. And definitely another product that will be in my bathroom forever.


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Little Soap Company is now B Corp Certified and all our products are Vegan Society, Cruelty-Free International, RSPO & Made in Britain Accredited.

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